home remedy foot soak to remove dead skin

Home Remedy Foot Soak To Remove Dead Skin – Home Foot Soak Recipe

Home remedy foot soak to remove dead skin – Your feet plays a big role in your body and movement.whether you wear high heels or flat shoes just to look good.everyone loves to look good.your feet suffer after all that walking or even after running.your feets are tired and need relaxing.A good feet spa is a great way to massage your feet and relieve those muscle pain. Getting a feet spa will make your feet feel good.we have outline some tips on taking care of your feet.

home remedy foot soak to remove dead skin

Get a bowl with warm water

Put pepperment oil in the bowl and mix it in the warm water.pepperment oil is a great feet relieve method.lavender oils is another great choice, so is milk and almond mix can make your feet soft. Don’t forget to wash your feet before using this home spa treatment on your feet.

Soak your feet in a bow for 5 minutes

if you are using the milk and almond treatment.soak your feet for 15 minutes.

Use a soft towel to dry your feet

After drying your feet with the towel, make sure to clip your toenails after soaking your feet.

Massage your feet

This is important you want to massage your feet to make sure of proper blood circulation.do it gently and softly.use a foot massage cream to massage thoroughly while checking for crack on your feet,warts,dry areas. if your cracks or warts on your feet is worse and painful make sure to contact your doctor to make sure it nothing serious.

Use a body lotion, especially body lotion for dry skin.this will help heal crack dry foot. after applying the lotion on your feet.you will feel a different on your feet.you should feel the softness and the nice smell.you might even feel refreshed.

If you decide to paint your toenails.i recommend wiping the lotion on your feet as this might interfer with your toenail paint.

Last step apply a nail polish that takes long to dry and relax. of course it your choice. a beautiful feet makes you feel clean.I hope this simple guide on home remedy foot soak to remove dead skin gave you great feet spa home remedy.

home remedy foot soak to remove dead skin
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